Wednesday, November 24, 2010

hey baby, what's your favorite color?

My husband and I were joking recently about how well we knew each other and I said, yeah, like what would you say if someone asked you what's my favorite color. And he said, uh, what is your favorite color. And I said, actually, I don't really have one.

There's a really cool design article about color from Smashing Magazine, and online mag aimed at web designers.. It's actually a three part series called Color Theory for Designers.

Etsy has two pretty rad color tools to enhance your handmade shopping experience. Find them here and here.

Here's a few cool photos I found on flickr:

from gem66
Tucson Arizona colors

from mag3737 through the squared circle group
Worshipful Company of Gardeners

from kholkute

from Auntie P

from woody1778a

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Becky said...

These pictures are delicious. I remember being a young girl and spending a lot of time deciding what my favorite color was (blue). Silly -- there's no way you could peg me now! Brown, robin egg blue, sage green, bright orange, grey, cerise, all of em: brilliant!