Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday's A to Z: the "Stinky" Edition

a - agism.
b - black friday.
c - comic sans.
d - "don't ask, don't tell." repeal this already!!!
e - education in this country.
f - feet. stinky feet, literally. blech.
g - glenn beck. there's even a comprehensive glenn-beck-sucks blog.
h - halitosis.
i - ice cream. actually, i love ice cream, but it stinks that i can't have it after every meal.
j - jealousy.
k - ken buck. he recently received the douchebag decree over at bitchmedia's blog.
l - legalese.
m - model minority myth.
n - neo-nazi's. my friends at circle a radio did a program about the rise of fascism in portland.
o - outsourced, the tv show. hear our commentary on the next apa compass fri dec 6th.
p - pickles. eew.
q - queer-bashing. aka homophobia.
r - racism.
s - sarah palin. here's a recent blog from huffington post with leaks from her forthcoming book.
t - trafficking, of humans.
u - unemployment.
v - vermin.
w - war.
x - xenophobia.
y - yanni.
z - zealots. of any kind.


Becky said...

Ha! I was expecting the feet one, but where are the dreaded onions!?

Thanks for the giggle. I think I may have to post one of these, too. My outlook is grim this week!


t-love said...

i've actually acquired a taste for onions. well, only quite cooked onions. defnitely not raw. but they don't freak me out anymore. i forgot to include ketchup though. still hate the stuff!