Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday's A to Z

Building on yesterday's post, here are some things I ♥ right now:

A - APA Compass. We did a show this morning. We'll have archives up in the next couple of days.
B - Boots.
C - Community. One of my favorite TV shows right now with one of my favorite characters on TV right now Abed. One of the best episodes of TV ever is Modern Warfare from Season 1, Episode 23, directed by Justin Lin.
D - Danny's Auto on Halsey and 60th.
E - Energy.
F - Farmers Market. Only 2 more weeks!
G - Gabriel's Bakery's herb cheese bagels.
H - Harry Potter. I know, I'm a late bloomer.
I - Improv Theater. Shameless promo: We're doing a show next week Small Space, Big Stories.
J - Jackets.
K - Kissing hubby.
L - The Library.
M - Milani Nail Lacquer "Cappucino" - described "Light Coffee with Gold Shimmer"
N - The Great Northwest.
O - Owls.
P - Piano. I feel very blessed to have one of my very own. I recently learned how to play "Don't Stop Believing" and "Here Comes the Sun" on YouTube. Amazing.
Q - Maggie Q, star of Nikita. I watched the show as homework for our APA Compass radio discussion about APAs on TV, and now am fully sucked in.
R - Rest.
S - Slings and Arrows. More on this next week.
T - Time Traveler's Wife.
U - Upper Horsetail and Triple Falls at the Columbia River Gorge.
V - Vodka Martini. A little dirty.
W - White Tea. Specifically Vanilla Apricot White Tea by Tazo.
X - Extracurriculars. (Close enough to X!) My life is all extracurricular it seems right now.
Y - Soft Yolks. I had my eggs over easy this morning and it was yum.
Z - Portland Zombie Walk.

"A" image is by me.
"Z" image found on Wikimedia Commons: Route sign for Missouri Supplemental Route Z. Based on Image:MO-supp-K.svg by User:PHenry.


Becky said...

Very nice! Since it's a billion degrees and I'm so busy, I am TAKING your A-Z edition idea for my post today! T for "thanks, toni t-r!"

t-love said...

X-cellent. (It's always hard to find a good X word.) Enjoy! I look forward to reading.