Wednesday, March 28, 2007

it's my birthday

Fun fun. As I enter into my late thirties (okay, just barely) I ponder over the significance of the whole birthday thing. My brother just reminded me that my husband and I were apart on my birthday last year (to make a few bucks) just as we are this year. I love the idea of birthdays, but the execution is always somehow lacking. Trying to live up that great surprise 16th back in the day I guess. I've got a fruitful day ahead. Already written a review of Taste of Tea a Japanese for The Asian Reporter. Now off to make some bones at a Go Game then a few drinks in store for tonight... yipee

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

testing gabcast

I'm working on figuring out how to post audio to the web. At first I thought I'd learn how to create the flash file etc etc, but now I'm exploring alternative ways using existing services. I'm checking out the free version of Gabcast! to see how it works.

Gabcast! APA Compass test #1



Another rainy day in P-town. I'm not complaining actually. Just stating the fact as a backdrop to the days musings. It's been an interesting week of networking-mania. That sounds so funny and corporate, but we artsy, non-profity types need it. Especially when you're a new kid in town. I'm trying to be proactive about doing interesting, creative, community-oriented stuff while I search for some steady income. Joining the APA Compass Radio Collective at KBOO and the writing team for The Asian Reporter have been amazing ways to meet folks and get myself out into the community. And those projects are definitely keeping me busy. However, I'm still looking for ways to make a living - not just pay the bills, but help develop more contacts and knowledge to lead me to the next thing, my dream enterprise, a dynamic Process Space venue. I'm also always in search of folks to do collaborative, multi-disciplinary art projects with. With those things in mind I pursued some great local resources. Young Women Social Entrepeneurs recently hosted a meeting at a cool flexible office space in the Pearl, Souk. In addition to the usual networking type interactions, the meeting featured Dr. Kalyn Culler Cohen and Paige Coleman of Kindle Partners who shared some insights about how women bring a different approach to traditional enterprise models. And the big suprise came when I actually won a free consultation with Kalyn and Paige - I've never actually won one of those 'throw your business card in to win' things, so it was rather exciting. Definitely looking forward to talking with them. I also went with my friend Patti to a Sisters in Cinema meeting at the NW Film Center School. It's a mellow roundtable where you can bring completed pieces or works-in-progress to share with the group. And of course do the whole networking thing. Pam Minty, the organizer challenged us to bring some sort of work-in-progress to the next meeting in June. I met some nice gals who I might try to wrangle into a project so we'll see what happens. Oh I guess the other big thing is that I had a very good interview for the Executive Director position at Print Arts Northwest. Keeping my fingers crossed - I expect to hear something (hopefully second round interview!) by the end of the week. That being said, I'd better get back to the resume-generating machine while I'm in a chatty mood.