Wednesday, November 3, 2010

what's on the tube?

I was sad to witness a couple of my favorite tv shows display some cringe-worthy, questionably racist and sexist moments. I'm actually one of those lefties who likes tv and appreciates keeping up with some pop culture. But my enjoyment of the boob tube is always slightly dampened when my media criticism radar starts flashing during 30 Rock or So You Think You Can Dance. And now, there's a whole new crop of TV shows featuring Asian Pacific American faces including Hawaii Five-0, Nikita and Outsourced. So far, from what I've seen it's both cringe-inducing and encouraging.

The radio collective I'm part of APA Compass is launching a new feature and dedicating our next show to it - APA Pop Watch - commentary and analysis on APA representation in media and pop culture. The program will air Friday morning November 5, 9am PST on KBOO Community Radio. You can listen online or, if you live in the region on the FM dial at 90.7 Portland, 91.9 Hood River, 100.7 Corvallis.

If you'd like to prepare yourself for our discussion, you might want to hulu some of those new shows and check out these recent(-ish) commentaries...

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