Monday, September 17, 2007

hand2mouth at tba07

sadly i only got to see a couple of shows for this year's tba:07 festival. it was a jam-packed impressive lineup of a wide variety of performance and media works. luckily i caught some goodies. of significant note: on saturday, i brought my out-of-town visitors (the annual SB2K trip with my childhood girlfriends from cleveland, who this year converged on me in pdx) to the interstate firehouse cultural center to see renowned local edgy theatre folk hand2mouth theatre company perform their new repeat after me, a show filled with american dreams, anthems and a dizzying array of american flag costumes. i love this company because of their enthusiasm and unabashed lack of inhibition. they're not afraid to go there. yes, they open up the can of worms that is being an american. and they rode the line quite effectively - of poking fun, challenging, dissecting, complicating, blurring and even embracing some of those stereotypes that are so often mockingly simplified by the left. the first act took a bit of time to blossom, but by halftime, they hit their stride, pushing forward on an epic musical journey. can't wait to see what they come up with next...

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